Did you know that often times the government will issue a direct award just based on what an RFI respondent provided in their capability statement? 

Partner with Clearwood on your next RFI Response and let's demonstrate to the government that your company's experience and capabilities are more than enough to satisfy every area of the requirement. We'll help make it clear that you're ready for an immediate award and prepared to execute. 


Did you know that contract award decisions take into account several stated and non-stated factors? The government affords its Contracting Officers a wide-latitude of business judgement when making decisions. While all contract award decisions are rooted in regulation and RFP specs, they're shaped by evaluator findings, proposal features, and risk tolerance.

Clearwood's acquisition subject-matter experts understand how contract award decisions are made because they are prior contracting officers and contract specialists. Feel confident when the RFP closes that your team's proposal has been delivered to specification and is able to compete at the highest possible level.


Did you know GSA's Gov-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs - OASIS+, (8a) STARSIII, Alliant 2, etc.) and their Schedules Contracts are the most frequently used acquisition vehicles in all the government? 

By establishing the proper GSA Schedule Contracts and GWACs within your company's purview, you'll be strategically positioned within the government's most popular marketplace.